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A pot belly and stretch marks are the signs of child obesity.

A little chubby is not a significant issue regarding a child’s development. But if a child starts to have a pot belly and stretch marks on the stomach, it requires obesity treatment.

Especially before one year old, 5 to 6 years old, and adolescence are the periods developing fat cells rapidly. Suppose the child does not have a chance to treat the symptom; overall fat increases and leads to a condition in which a child’s body changes into that of an adult too soon. Also, child obesity affects the child’s self-esteem.

Obesity treatment for grown-ups and children should be different.

Eating a healthy, reduced-calorie diet and exercising is the basic strategy for treating adult obesity. Children are in a stage of growth. Therefore, the same strategy for adults could not be applied. The most effective treatment for child obesity should focus on suppressing weight gain to prevent eating disorders and enhance growth.

The best treatment for child obesity requires digestive system treatment through Asian medicine.  

Child obesity causes an increasing number of fat cells in the body, which increases the chance of obesity throughout entire life.

The most effective treatment plan should include exercise and treatment for the metabolic system with Asian medicine. Exercise and building muscle are essential for losing weight, but in child period, children cannot develop muscle as fast as adults.

Therefore, a child diagnosed with obesity younger than five years old needs to apply Asian medicinal treatment with nutritional therapy, for over five years old children who have obesity should be treated by exercise and Asian medicinal treatment. 

Child obesity causes precocious puberty and adult obesity.

90% of child obesity continues to adult obesity. Obese girls tend to be short in height. Because fat cells secrete female hormones excessively and enter a rapid growth period, once menstruation begins, their growth will stop within a couple of years. Child obesity in girls requires special attention.

Child obesity should be treated by experienced specialists.

The most important reason why Asian medicine pediatric clinics should treat child obesity is that children are in the developing stage. If an obese child is asked to take medicines that suppress appetite, the growth will be interrupted.

The treatment goal is to help balance growth and healthy.

Growth, self-esteem, healthier body conditions, exercise, degrees of obesity, weight control Balanced developing

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