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Rapid growth means increasing

chances of stopping growing soon.

Precocious puberty is defined by early sexual maturation. For girls having precocious puberty, their breast buds get bigger before eight years old, and boys experience rapid growth of their testicles. Precocious puberty affects delayed growth.

Usually, precocious puberty is found more frequently in girls than boys. The prevalence of the symptoms in girls is 90%. Obesity is the most well-known cause but not the absolute reason because precocious puberty could be shown among normal or underweight girls.

Precocious puberty does not provide significant uncomfortable sensations, and it is frequently overlooked. However, it will start the menstrual period within two years, and growth will stop. Such a rapid change in children’s bodies could cause a stressor, identity diffusion.

If you find a sign of the symptom, do not hesitate to consult with us. 

Precocious puberty self-test

More yes means a higher chance of having the symptom.

If there are more than five checks, it requires immediate consultation.

A treatment plan by stages

Steps for treating precocious puberty

Hamsoa’s Precocious Puberty Treatment

* Customized herbal formulas, syrup herbal formulas, etc., required a prescription after diagnosis by an Asian medicine practitioner.

* The treatment program requires treatment and consultation with an Asian medicine practitioner.