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Frequent diarrhea and intestinal inflammation require special attention.

Intestinal inflammation (enteritis) is often confused with the common cold because the symptom of enteritis is fever and infectious.

Chronic diarrhea causes dehydration, and the absorption ability of the intestine is seriously affected by repetitive diarrhea, leading to delayed growth of the children.

There are several causes of diarrhea.

  • Viral infection: The most common reason for children’s diarrhea is viral infection. Viral enterocolitis could be contagious. It is important to understand that diarrhea is a natural body response to a foreign body or virus to remove from the body. Therefore, thoughtless or careless use of diarrhea medicine should be prohibited.
  • Certain foods: Food can cause diarrhea. Milk is a good example. Suppose your children have diarrhea after drinking milk or food containing milk. In that case, your children do not have lactase in their intestines.
  • Chronic diarrhea: Some children have diarrhea after drinking or eating cold drinks or food, which lowers the temperature of the intestine. In this case, your children’s intestinal temperature is slightly lower than other children. If your children experience frequent stomachaches and have diarrhea, let them avoid colds or foods containing oil or fat. Also, herbal formulas that help increase gastrointestinal temperature could be a good solution.

If you see a symptom, you need to consult with us.

Hamsoa’s Treatment for

enteritis and frequent diarrhea

*Customized and syrup herbal formulas require a prescription after diagnosis by an Asian medicinal doctor.

* The treatment program requires treatment and consultation with an Asian medicinal doctor.

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