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Severe menstrual pain needs serious treatment.

Almost 50% of women of childbearing age suffer from menstrual pain, and most women take painkilling medicine and do not take it seriously.nd they tend to take the medicine to reduce pain habitually.

However, menstrual pain lasts until menopause and needs to be treated by a healthcare professional. 

Menstrual pain is not normal to have it every month.

It is recommended to be treated.

When to ask for medical help from Hamsoa LA, Self-check list

  • Everyday life and study are interfered with by menstrual pain.
  • Frequent painkilling medicine taking.
  • Feels low back pain with menstrual pain.
  • Having nausea, vomiting, and headache simultaneously.
  • Various symptoms in the uterus affect severe menstrual pain. 


Coldness in lower stomach, inflammation, stagnated blood, muscle tension, stress, weak physical strength

There are many factors to cause menstrual pain. If you have severe menstrual pain, you have to seek medical help. Asian medicine provides more detailed treatment for reducing menstrual pain by the causes of coldness in the lower stomach, inflammation, stagnated blood, muscle tension, stress, and weak physical strength. The satisfaction ratio is relatively higher than in other areas of medicine.