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Sleep quality and quantity critically affect the development of the brain, building the immune system and the growth of your child if he/she is under 3 years old, which is the first rapid growth period of human development.

If a child experiences insomnia, it could cause frequent sickness and other health-related problems.

Average sleeping time

“Insufficient sleep in preschool and early school is associated with poorer mother- and teacher-reported neurobehavioral processes in mid-childhood.”

Suppose an over 3 months infant has trouble falling asleep.

It could be child insomnia.

Under 3 months old child who has trouble having deep sleep is considered normal.

It is the period for your child to develop a nervous system.

But if troubled sleeping patterns last, it is a symptom that needs to be treated.

<Self-check list for child insomnia>

Night crying could be a cause of insomnia in infants. 

Various causes of night crying. 

Understanding the infants is

the first step to providing the best treatment.

Hamsoa’s Treatments

There are a variety of causes for the symptoms of children’s sleeping disorders.
We, Hamsoa clinic, identify the root cause of the symptoms by diagnosis

and provide a customized treatment program for each child

for the best treatment results.

*Customized and syrup herbal formulas require a prescription after diagnosis by an Asian medicinal doctor.

* The treatment program requires treatment and consultation with an Asian medicinal doctor.