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Atopic dermatitis is a source of various uncomfortable sensations.

The skin of children who suffer from atopic dermatitis is easily dried, and dry skin is vulnerable to scar and infection. Also, atopic dermatitis makes the hypersensitive immune system of the skin. Therefore, even little bug bites could cause them to be reddish and swollen.  

Also, itchiness easily distracts the children from concentration and sleeping. Poor quality of sleep is one of the reasons for delayed growth.

 Symptoms of atopic dermatitis

Types of skin trouble due to atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is one of the immune diseases; therefore, the symptom is prone to develop other immune diseases such as rhinitis and asthma.

 Suppose atopic dermatitis among toddlers is not properly treated. In that case, the chance of having 50% asthma and 75% rhinitis in their development course will increase. It is often called an allergic march or atopic march, which explains the natural progression of allergic diseases from infancy to adulthood.

Therefore, treatment of atopic dermatitis for children should be focused on managing balance to prevent treatment resistance.

50% of all atopic dermatitis patients are under the age of twelve. Steroid treatment for those children temporarily reduces itchiness. However, the treatment could increase the chance of recurrence of the symptoms or a chance to resist the treatment.

Hamsoa’s Atopic Dermatitis treatment

We will treat the wounds from the child’s dermatitis and soothe the hearts of the parents who are watching.

Associated with atopy?

Poor growth/ Any infection/learning disability/ loss of confidence/ lack of sleep/ itchiness

*Customized and syrup herbal formulas require a prescription after diagnosis by an Asian medicinal doctor.

* The treatment program requires treatment and consultation with an Asian medicinal doctor.