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Does Chongmyung-tang help?

“The efficacy of Chongmyung-tang has been proven and published by renowned academic research papers in South Korea.”

-Effect of Chongmyungtang on learning and memory in normal and scopolamine-induced amnestic mice by Kim, Young-Uk. Department of Oriental Medicine Graduate School Taejon University. 1998. Journal of Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine. 8(2), 464-479.

The research confirmed that Chongmyung-tang helps the impairment of learning and memory in amnesia.

“Chongmyung-tang(CMT, 聰明湯), oriental herbal medicine which consists of Polygaglae Radix(遠志), Acori Graminei Rhizoma(石菖蒲) and Hoelen(白茯神) has an effect on amnesia, dementia.  CMT enhances memory and activates NMDA receptors.”

By Seoung Hee Lee, Gyu Tae Chang and Jang Hyun Kim. (2006). Effects of Chongmyung-tang on Learning and Memory Performances in Mice. –Journal of Physiology and Pathology in Korean Medicine, 20(2), 471-476.

The treatment effect of Chongmyung-tang has been studied and confirmed its efficacy. However, there could be more factors that affect loss of memory and difficulty in concentration.

A specialist’s professional treatment must proceed to have the best treatment effect on the symptoms. For example, if indigestion or stomachache makes a child study, the digestive system should be treated altogether.