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The formula has been used only among royal families to enjoy health and longevity.

According to Dongui Bogam, translated as “Principle and Practice of Eastern Medicine” in a Korean medicine book written by a royal physician, Heo Jun, in 1613, “if a person takes Kyung-Ok-Go for 27 years, he can live 360 years. Taking the formula for 64 years guarantees an increased lifespan until 500 years.”

  • Plaster type: deer Antlers, Korean ginseng, which provides energy, Poria cocos helps maintain healthy metabolism and digestion, and Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch. var. purpurea Makino increase body fluids are mixed and processed for three days.
  • Liquid type: Adding Manuka honey helps healthier born growth to the original formula. The type is easy to swallow and recommended for toddlers.
  • Squsable type: The original formula is made of stick-shaped and individual packages for easier taking and carrying for any occasion.

Hamsoa’s Kyung-Ok-Go proved its efficacy.

Indications of Kyungokgo

Various forms of Kyung-Ok-Go