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To maintain your children’s health, each season needs different approaches.

Your children have to deal with different weather conditions as the season changes.

More detailed treatment will be necessary to help your children adopt different environmental changes. 

 Yearly plan by seasonal changes to

boost your children’s immunity.

Take care of your child’s immunity seasonally!

Spring: cupping and restorative herbal formula

The best way to maintain health during spring is a treatment that helps enhance circulation to remove body wastes. We use aroma cupping and a spring formula for the treatment.

Summer: We treat winter disease during summer.

Based on Asian medicinal theories, cold wind and food easily damage internal heat or Yang Qi. Therefore, summer exposes your children to conditions that damage their immune systems due to internal coldness.

Spring: ChuChu therapy, fall formula

Fall is the season with temperatures vary, especially in the morning and daytime. Your children might have trouble adapting to the seasonal changes and stress from school. Your children use lots of energy to deal with the changes. To help them, you use Chu Chu therapy and a fall formula.

Winter: Electric moxa, winter formula

The treatment goal for the winter is focused on preventing common cold infection and rhinitis with moxa and the winter formula.

*Hamsoa’s four seasons program may be operated differently depending on the child’s constitution.