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Aftereffects from the traffic accide

Your children suffer more from a traffic accident.

In the context of a vehicle collision, children can be easily traumatized. The traffic accident could affect your children more seriously than adults. Your children are in the developmental stages, and their psychological and nerve systems have not completely developed. The trauma during childhood will last until adulthood.

Treatment after a traffic accident

You have to understand that your children cannot explain their pain in proper ways. Therefore, even if all test results are negative, your children may still be in pain.

In most cases, any symptoms from the accident start after 2 or 3 days later or later. So, if your children experience an accident, let them see a healthcare professional within 3 days.


 Self-check list to check your children’s condition

  • My child has more sleep disturbance.
  • My child suffers from nightmares.
  • My child does not want to be heard regarding the accident due to fear.
  • My child does not want to be separated from the parents.
  • Easily surprised.
  • My child feels pain with pressure on the bruised areas.
  • My child is troubled to concentrate and seems to be feeling anxiety.
  • My child vomits frequently and avoids his/her favorite foods.
  • My child’s appetite has been poorer, and the amount of his/her stool changed.
  • My child has irregular bowel movements.
  • My child suffers from a tingling sensation or pain in his/her limbs.