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Child Development/ Growth

We provide optimum treatments

for your child to grow to maximum height.

The proper growth treatment should help your children to grow and maintain the best physical conditions.

Factors like appetite, digestion function, sleeping, and muscular pain should be treated to yield the best treatment effects if your children have one.

Growth treatment should be started as early as possible.

Throughout the entire growth curve of a child, puberty is considered the second rapid growth period in height and height grown in this period takes 15% of total height growth. Unfortunately, this period is also the final stage of height growth.

If a child starts growth treatment in puberty, the child has already missed 80% of the chance to grow. Therefore, the best recommended time for the treatment should be the toddler to three-year-old period, the first rapid growth and after the first rapid till before entering puberty.


We provide a foundation

to grow higher than

the gene allows. 

A child’s height is affected by hereditary factors, but managing the child’s overall health condition could contribute to an additional chance to grow.

Rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, asthma, other allergic symptoms, poor appetite, child obesity, and precocious puberty are the known negative factors for growth.

We provide Asian medicinal treatment to treat the root cause of symptoms that suppress growth along with growth treatment. Asian medicinal point of view of growth treatment focuses on enhancing overall organ balance to promote health and the immune system to build a strong body, which is fundamental to providing growth.


Treatment plan for each stage of a child’s development

Toddlers (between the ages of one to three or four.)

Six years old or younger

Seven years old to before puberty

The first rapid stage of growth. From birth to three to four years old, children develop double the height and five times heavier in weight. If both parents are not tall, this is the best stage to start growth treatment.

Children in this stage start going to kindergarten, studying, and playing with other children. The immune system is underdeveloped, and many children suffer from a common cold.

Management to prevent wasting the potential energy of a child for growth to fight against the common cold, rhinitis and Atopic dermatitis is the most important to help the children grow taller.

It is required to observe whether the children start secondary sexual characteristics. Girls need special attention to check signs of precocious puberty.

Also, obesity and stress from relationships or studies are negative factors for growth. The factors should be either controlled or treated by specialists.