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Childhood asthma

Children are prone to asthma.

Among all asthma patients, 1 out of 3 are children younger than 10. Among all childhood asthma patients started their symptoms before reaching the age of 5.

Childhood asthma patients who are under two years old need special care. Their development of bronchial tubes has not been completed, and secrete more discharges easily cause dyspnea.  


Early intervention is the most important to prevent allergic march or developing chronic asthma. 

Asthma causes difficulty in breathing, but a more severe problem is that it is not well controlled in time, may cause permanent deformation of the airway that affects lung function and lead to adult asthma.

The allergic march or atopic march is the progression of allergic disease. Usually starts with one allergic symptom to another. We recommend that if your children have asthma, the symptoms should start treatment to control before reaching the age of 7 and need to be treated by puberty.  

It is required to pay close attention to the symptoms.

Symptoms from asthma in children vary: coughing throughout the day, coughing while running or sleeping, and coughing more with a common cold infection. Asthma symptoms could be confused with a common cold, rhinitis, and other respiratory infections and easily miss the proper timing for treatment.

Therefore, experience is important to successfully treating childhood asthma. We are experienced in caring for the symptoms and confident dealing with children.