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Common cold

일반적인 감기는 면역력을 높이는 자연 백신입니다.

Common cold could help to provide healthier immune system building. Average children are usually infected by a common cold virus five to eight times yearly. If a common cold symptom is treated within a week, it is a chance for your children to build stronger immune systems.

But, unnecessary use of fever remedies or antibiotics could cause unexpected side effects and take an immune system building chances from your children.


Normal growth is stopped while your children suffer from a common cold.

If a proper treatment for the common cold is not provided: Atopic dermatitis, tympanitis, rhinitis,  sinusitis, asthma, delayed growth

While a common cold infects your children, they must use their energy to cure the symptoms. And it affects the children’s development. If the children recover from the symptoms, it usually takes a week to function normally. The more common cold viral infection leads to delayed growth. And common cold infection is known to be a factor in developing sinus infection or tympanitis.

Hamsoa’s customized cold treatment plan.

Poor or weak circulation due to excessive internal heat

  • Pale skin color and dark circles under eyes, Decoloration of glabella to blue or red.
  • Having trouble concentrating or being easily distracted, Dark-colored and hard stool.

The children tend to have allergic symptoms, and frequent common cold viral infections cause rhinitis and atopic dermatitis. The treatment goal for the group should focus on preventing allergic symptoms.

Children with poor lung function

  • Dry skin, Dry cough, Hard stool or constipated, Prolonged cough with a common cold viral infection
  • Temperature changes frequently

The treatment plan for the group needs to nourish the lungs to maintain a proper amount of moisture. Asian medicine understands the conditions of the lungs affect the functions of the large intestine. The lungs and large intestine function to control the skin condition, respiratory system, and stool.

Children with poor digestive systems and weak spleen.

  • Poor appetite, Easily tired after physical activities, Diarrhea, Cold hands and feet

A strong digestive system makes a strong spleen, which controls the immune system in Asian medicinal theories. Treatment should focus on diet coaching and enhancing spleen function to prevent a common cold viral infection.