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Constipation in childhood affects appetite and growth.

A child with constipation is reluctant to go to the restroom to avoid pain during bowel movements. If the child is not treated, the symptom will turn out to be chronic constipation.

Continued constipation makes the child feel uncomfortable in the stomach, leading to a lack of appetite.


Causes of constipation

Constipation is common in children. Common causes are early toilet training and changes in diet. Fortunately, most cases of constipation in children are temporary. Encourage your child to make simple dietary changes, such as eating more vegetables and fruits and drinking more water, and do not let them hold their bowel movements.

If constipation starts as they go to school, have a conversation to see if your children do not have trouble adopting a new environment or any factors that prohibit them from using the restroom freely. 


When is a constipation treatment needed?