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Excessive internal heat/ Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a source of various uncomfortable sensations.

The skin of children who suffer from atopic dermatitis is easily dried, and dry skin is vulnerable to scar and infection. Also, atopic dermatitis makes the hypersensitive immune system of the skin. Therefore, even little bug bites could cause them to be reddish and swollen.  

Also, itchiness easily distracts the children from concentration and sleeping. Poor quality of sleep is one of the reasons for delayed growth.



단순 건조함? 치료가 필요한 아토피!

  • Skin lotion is not releasing dryness.
  • Easily turns red with a slight touch or scratching. Delayed skin recovery from the scratch.
  • Eczema in the skin folding area.
  • Condition of symptoms frequently changed from better to worsened.
  • Dry lips or cracked. Redness around the eyes.
  • Frequently infected by cold virus and skin gets drier.
  • mily history of rhinitis, asthma, and other allergic symptoms.


아토피로 인한 주요 피부 증상

Erythema: It is a skin hypersensitivity reaction caused by dilation and irritation of the capillaries due to the immune reactions. As the symptoms get worse, the size will be bigger.

Abrasion: It is caused by physical stimulation on the skin. It will leave a scar. And there is a chance of having a secondary infection through the open abrasion area.

Edema: The symptom is easily found in toddlers due to poor blood circulation. In some cases, pitting edema could be found.

Discharging: An inflammatory reaction destroys normal skin to lead discharging of the body fluid, which is supposed to be removed by lymphatic nodes and blood vessels, through the destroyed region.

Iichenfification: The skin has become thickened and leathery, resulting from scratching skin.

Hamsoa’s atopic dermatitis treatment

Skin decoloration and scars from scratching will be treated. And the pitiful feelings of the parents will also be soothed.

Underdevelopment, infection, learning disorders, low self-esteem, sleeping disorders, itchiness

Atopic dermatitis is one of the immune diseases; therefore, the symptom is prone to develop other immune diseases such as rhinitis and asthma.

 Suppose atopic dermatitis among toddlers is not properly treated. In that case, the chance of having 50% asthma and 75% rhinitis in their development course will increase. It is often called an allergic march or atopic march, which explains the natural progression of allergic diseases from infancy to adulthood.

Therefore, treatment of atopic dermatitis should be focused on managing other possible allergic symptoms.

50% of all atopic dermatitis patients are under the age of twelve. Steroid treatment for those children temporarily reduces itchiness. However, the treatment could increase the chance of recurrence of the symptoms or a chance to resist the treatment.

Hamsoa LA diagnoses each child’s constitution to find root cause factors to treat atopic dermatitis. The most distinctive benefit from our diagnosis will help or treat other allergic symptoms along with atopic dermatitis treatment.