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Gong Jin Dan for children

Gong Jin Dan is one of the three great medicines introduced in Dongui Bogam.

The formula could be used for children who are frequently tired, have delayed growth, and have low concentration levels.


Scientific research to prove the efficacy of Gong Jin Dan prepared by Hamsoa.


 Conditions that Gong Jin Dan is needed.



 Gong Jin Dan in various types

  •  Gong Jin Dan (Original/ individual liquid): The formula is made to enhance physical strength and nutrition. It is recommended to take it whenever a child needs to enhance immune function or physical stamina.
  • Cognitive Enhancing Gong Jin Dan (Original/ Individual liquid): The cognitive Enhancing formula is prepared and adds an herbal medicine that helps calm the heart and an herb that contains HX106 to enhance brain function on the original Gong Jin Dan formula. The formula is recommended for students who are preparing for major exams.