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Restorative formula for the first birthday

Your children need more energy

to adapt to sudden environmental changes.

Your children’s development period between birth to the first birthday is for rapid growth and learning. Also, it is the most valuable period to be infected by foreign objects. A restorative herbal formula should be applied in the best way for your children to grow healthier and smarter.


Children on their first birthday tend to suffer from frequent sickness due to their immune continuously weakening. The graph shows IgG from their mother and themselves, which is a type of antibody and is important in the human immune system, starts to decrease since passing their first birthday.

There are many infants suffer from various diseases. When their birth to the age of 6 months, their immune system starts to build while the immunity from their mothers declines. The overall condition deteriorates the immunity of an infant.

This period requires a restorative formula to help your children’s immune system build strong enough and boost to prevent future infectious diseases from other children in kindergarten or school.

The first rapid growth period of children, newborn to two years old, is when your children develop their body, brain, and muscles, especially muscles used for walking. Also, they develop their cognitive ability and vocabulary in as much as 50% of adults.

Energy consumption for the period is far beyond your imagination. Diagnosing your children’s constitution and overall condition by Hamsoa is highly recommended to help them develop their bodies without trouble.


If your children show symptoms below,

please consider using restorative formulas.

Repetitive common cold infection, children who used to suffer from symptoms due to the internal heat and severe coughing, only want to eat whatever they want and frequently vomit, underweight and poor appetite, easily frightened and fretful, less physical activities due to weak physical strength



  • Q: I have heard herbal medicine causes weight gain. Is that true?
  • A: Herbal formulas can make balance by increasing or decreasing weight. In some cases, some kids gain weight after taking herbal formulas. This is only for kids who used to have problems in the digestive tract absorbing food.


  • Q: Will it be safe for an infant to take herbal formula?
  • A: Infants after the age of 6 weeks can take an herbal formula. Hamsoa prescribes safe herbal medicine for any age of infants and toddlers, depending on their conditions.


  • Q: Is it true that taking an herbal formula containing deer antlers could affect the negative ways to develop the brain of kids?
  • A: The deer antlers help develop the children’s cognitive function by enhancing Qi and blood generation and strengthening physical stamina.