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Rhinitis causes headaches, snoring, and affects the quality of sleep of children.

Runny nose, nasal congestion and coughing from rhinitis makes heat congestion in the head and disrupt concentration. Also, children suffering from rhinitis tend to breathe through their mouth, snore, sleep apnea, and continuous dry cough, and in severe cases, dark circles get darker and deform the face shape.


Rhinitis should be treated before puberty to prevent adult chronic rhinitis.

Hamsoa LA helps your children recover from rhinitis.

Snoring, congestion, Headaches, Poor quality of sleep, Eyes itchiness, Easily distracted, Dark circles under the eyes

Poor air quality, abnormal weather, heat waves and an imbalanced diet affect children’s immune systems. To help increase the quality of life, learning abilities, and normal growth, rhinitis should be treated before puberty.


Symptomatic therapy for child rhinitis is not a long-term solution.

Antihistamines, usually prescribed to resolve runny nose or nasal congestion, do not cure, and the medicine makes the parents think the symptom is completely treated.

Repeated use of the medicine drys mucous in nasal cavities and make the immune system protect the respiratory system from virus or microbes in the air.


Children’s nasal cavities are different from the adult’s.

Therefore, special care from Hamsoa LA is required.

  • Age 0~2: Their anatomy of the nasal cavities is not completely developed. Therefore, airflow is controlled by the nasal concha and secrete more nasal discharge, saliva or sputum to compensate for nasal membranes’ weak defense function.  Swollen nasal concha/ Normal nasal concha
  • Age 3~6: The nasal membrane and immune system have developed 50% of adults’ immune systems. In this stage, the common cold or rhinitis could easily develop into sinusitis due to a rapidly growing paranasal cavity. The paranasal cavity of 1-year-old./ The paranasal cavity of 4-year-old children.
  • Age 7~13: The nasal membrane and immune system have developed 75% of adults’ immune systems. Rhinitis could affect growth and academic achievement. Also, the symptoms will be chronic if rhinitis treatment is not started.