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The treatment plan in four seasons

To maintain your children’s health, each season needs different approaches.

Your children have to deal with different weather conditions as the season changes.

More detailed treatment will be necessary to help your children adopt different environmental changes. 



 Yearly plan by seasonal changes to boost your children’s immunity.

  • March to May: Care at the change of season: Your children’s immune systems have been affected by cold winds to damage the respiratory system. This condition will increase the chances of your children’s common cold viral infection.
  • June to August: Prevention of a summer cold: Your children will be exposed to sudden temperature changes of summer heat and cold wind from air conditioners. Sudden temperature change triggers a weakening immune system to protect the body from catching a summer cold.
  • September to November: Immune boosting: Summer heat makes your children sweat a lot, and the children’s bodies feel constant stress from the heat and lose energy by sweating. During this period, your children should have a chance to boost their physical stamina to restore from summer heat.
  • December to February: Prevention for caching a cold: Your children should be kept warm to get through winter. Treatment should concentrate on preventing catching cold and long-lasting cold symptoms.

<Treatment methods>

Spring: cupping and restorative herbal formula

The best way to maintain health during spring is a treatment that helps enhance circulation to remove body wastes. We use aroma cupping and a spring formula for the treatment.

  • Aroma cupping: We use aroma oils that help the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract function with various cupping techniques to stimuli acupoints and meridians.
  • Spring formula: Children’s respiratory system is easily affected by temperature changes, dust, and pollen, especially during spring, to start or worsen allergic symptoms or common cold. The spring formula is formulated to boost immune functions to release and treat respiratory symptoms, growth, poor appetite, and spring fever.

Summer: We treat winter disease during summer.

Based on Asian medicinal theories, cold wind and food easily damage internal heat or Yang Qi. Therefore, summer exposes your children to conditions that damage their immune systems due to internal coldness.


  • Treating winter diseases during summer: The idea uses seasonal differences in yin and yang amounts in summer and winter. Yang energy is most abundant during summer, and treating winter diseases caused by yin pathogens is beneficial. To treat winter disease, we put special patches on the acupoints. Also, the treatment prevents food poisoning and summer colds.
  • A summer formula: The formula helps your children maintain proper body temperature and replace body fluids. The benefits of the formula are to control sweating, poor appetite, stomachache, various skin troubles and diseases.

Spring: ChuChu therapy, fall formula

Fall is the season with temperatures vary, especially in the morning and daytime. Your children might have trouble adapting to the seasonal changes and stress from school. Your children use lots of energy to deal with the changes. To help them, you use Chu Chu therapy and a fall formula.

  • Chu Chu therapy: Chu Chu therapy is a kind of manual therapy to stimulate certain acupoints without using acupuncture needles. Benefits of the therapy include enhancing circulation to maintain energy circulation and strengthening the immune system.
  • A fall formula: Fall is the season when the children gain weight most throughout the year. And easily tired from the stress and new environments. The formula fills the needs of the children’s deficiencies and adds more energy to prepare for the winter cold.

Winter: Electric moxa, winter formula

The treatment goal for the winter is focused on preventing common cold infection and rhinitis with moxa and the winter formula.
  • Electric moxa: The electric moxa brows the warm smoke of mugwort to enhance circulation and expel coldness. Also, smoke from the mugwort works as a detox and antibiotic agent and helps respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Winter formula: The winter formula warms your children’s body and enhances circulation to boost the immune system. We recommend using the winter formula and electric moxa for the best treatment results.

*The four seasons’ treatment plan could differ from each branch.