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Weight control

What is your goal from weight loss treatment?

Gaining weight is affected by individual lifestyle and physical characteristics. A weight loss program should be helped by a professional to diagnose the factors related to gaining weight and treatment provided that meets individual conditions.


Asian medicinal weight control program can help you efficiently by understanding your body’s stages of losing weight.

The success of a weight control program relies on forming healthier habits that effectively lose and prevent weight gain.

  • Beginning stage: An herbal formula plays an important role in suppressing appetite. In this stage, the treatment goal is focused on maintaining total muscle mass and amount of body fluids.
  • Plateau stage: The weight starts to lose. The treatment goal is maintaining healthier bowel movements and constipation. Also, detox treatment will be added to remove toxins, enhance immunity, and reduce body fat.
  • Second Plateau stage (reaching one’s goal): Weight loss has been continued by reducing body fat. Weight loss treatment and exercise should be in balance. Individualized diet programs and exercise advice will be provided.
  • Managing stage: It is for maintaining reduced weight by keeping physical balance. If a patient gains more than 3 lbs, the patient will need to apply a rapid weight loss program.


Making a weight loss routine.